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Bridging the Gap Between
Fields & Kitchens

We work with our city’s surrounding farmers growing a diverse range of products to bring you the unmatched taste of our neighboring valleys.

Hima Farms - Everett

We pick up freshly harvested ingredients from farms surrounding Seattle every week

Farmers Post

Farmers manage their inventory on our marketplace, stocking it with seasonal ingredients.

You Shop

Each week, there's always new items to discover, from fresh produce to pantry staples.

Farmers Harvest

After the ordering period closes, farmers harvest your orders for our team to pick up and sort.

We Deliver

Our team delivers directly to your organization in reusable or recyclable packaging.

We work with a wide variety of farms and producers across the Pacific Northwest

Puget Lowlands
Columbia Basin
Okanogan Highlands

Puget Sound Lowlands

50% of our market comes from this region.

The Puget Lowlands benefit from weather patterns shaped by the Cascade Mountain Range, which captures significant rainfall. The frequent rains, glacial movements and volcanic activity contribute to the area's healthy soil, packed with minerals.

This fertile soil supports a wide variety of above-ground crops, such as lettuce, squash, cauliflower, cucumbers, and broccoli. In addition to vegetables, this region is renowned for their dairy products, poultry, and berries. 

Columbia Basin

35% of our market comes from this region.

The Columbia Basin is distinguished by its fertile plains, steep river canyons, and extensive plateaus. Despite its desert pockets and semi-arid climate, it's the most productive agricultural land in the state due to its access to extensive irrigation systems.

The area's rich, lava-ash soil, plentiful sunshine, and low humidity make it ideal the cultivation of fruit trees, root vegetables, and alliums. During the summer, our marketplace is stocked with stone fruits and peppers, and in the fall and winter with storage onions from the previous summers harvest.

Okanogan Highlands

10% of our market comes from this region.

The Okanogan Highlands, historically known for its mining heritage, is a geologically complex region that has been shaped by volcanic activity, plate tectonics, and ice ages. This has resulted in a landscape of rounded mountains, deep valleys, and glacial terraces.

The Highlands' climate, marked by warm summers and cold winters, combined with nutrient-rich soil, creates optimal conditions for growth and pest control in apple orchards, as well as for the cultivation of potatoes and grains.

North of WA (2%)
We source wild caught fish from Alaska and various items from Canada throughout the winter months
50% 35% 10%
50% 35% 10%
50% 35% 10%
South of WA (3%)
We source varieties of citrus, onions, peppers, and other crops from Oregon and Northern California to supplement the market during the winter months.

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