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Rooted in Connection

Championing our local farmers, producers, and the wider community to foster an economically sustainable and transparent local food system.

Four Elements Farm - Puyallup

Our namesake is a nod to the many rustic farm stands, both past and present, located throughout Seattle’s fertile neighboring valleys.

We’ve drastically reduced the distance between local small-scale producers and Seattle’s innovative community of chefs and wholesale purchasers . Our network of farmers are committed to using environmentally sustainable practices and our buyers strive to make conscious decisions about where they source their ingredients.

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Who We Are

We are food and earth lovers that use our expertise in logistics to support local farmers and food producers. WeSome grew up with the PNW in their backyard and some have come from around the world and country to call the Puget Sound home.

Where We're Headed

We aim to be a reliable distribution and sales partner for local farms and buyers, cultivating demand to improve the prosperity of farming on Seattle’s urban fringe by maximizing the volume of product moving from Seattle’s neighboring farmlands to Seattle’s commercial kitchens and retailers.

Meet the Crew

Austin Becker

Founder & Co-owner

Chris Teeny

General Manager & Co-owner


Portion Queen

Jared Clements

Market Manager

Karissa Seiersen

Marketing Coordinator

Boris Bosk

Operational Manager

Casey Gillum

Team Lead

Zachary Fulton

Ops Associate & Driver

Allie Hotzfeld

Ops Associate & Driver

Jose Martínez

Ops Associate & Driver

Ivan Rodriguez

Ops Associate & Driver

Rae Aukes

Ops Associate & Driver

Work With Us

Farmstand is based in the rainy (sometimes sunny!) city of Seattle. We’re  a diverse group of people interested in food, farms, travel, live music, baseball games, hiking, and skateboarding.

If you believe you'd be a great fit for our team, please don't hesitate to reach out and introduce yourself!

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