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Farmstand Local Foods offers services that streamline the local food purchasing process for food buyers at restaurants, cafes, caterers and commissaries, food trucks, culinary educators, retail grocers, childcare centers, and other wholesale buyers. Simultaneously, Farmstand Local Foods provides producers simplified inventory management, rural aggregation, and consolidated delivery in order to decrease the burden of labor-intensive tasks including marketing, distribution, invoicing, and accounting.


We provide chefs and buyers with the tools they need to easily source local foods that are sustainably produced. We catalyze the food ordering process by minimizing invoices and deliveries so that staff time is preserved for more important tasks. On behalf of our customers, we diligently seek out farmers using the highest standards of growing practices, beginning with those growing on the fringes of the Seattle metro area. In addition to the finest produce, we also offer locally produced eggs, pastured dairy products, dry storage ingredients, and other important staples to increase the presence of local flavors filling buyers’ fridges, freezers, and pantries. We deliver to food businesses in the greater Seattle area including those east of Lake Washington — If you’re a commercial enterprise and seek sustainable food produced in close proximity to your establishment, request an account with us today.



We give producers the opportunity to designate more time to fieldwork and to reinvest directly into their farms by eliminating the heavy cost and time burdens associated with self-distribution. Growers access a large collection of wholesale buyers including those who they might not otherwise be able to service due to distance or organizational restraints. Farmers avoid city traffic by dropping all orders at one of two convenient aggregation sites in the Sammamish and Snoqualmie Valleys. We partner with producers who are committed to using regenerative practices on their land and growing without any synthetic inputs. Most produce is picked within 24 hours of being delivered, harvested at the peak of freshness and flavor. If you are a local grower interested in working with area chefs and buyers, click the button below to learn more about selling through Farmstand Local Foods.

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frequently asked questions

Ecologically sustainable. Geographically local.

We only work with farmers who are committed to sustainable practices and grow without any synthetic inputs; no nasty chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or antibiotics.

We are committed to farms in King and Snohomish Counties, notably those in the Sammamish, Snohomish, and Snoqualmie River watersheds who have quick access to our aggregation points. For any ingredient that we cannot source within this area, we look to work with the next closest producer who meets our growing standards.

Almost all of the produce we deliver has been picked within 24 hours, guaranteeing ultimate freshness. We prioritize food safety practices through our robust Food Safety Plan and have all farmers adhere to specific transportation, handling and storage regulations. If you ever have any concern about the freshness or quality of the food you receive from FLF, we encourage you to notify us immediately and we will gladly work with you and the producer to resolve the issue.

Currently we only work with institutional buyers. If you are an individual or a family looking to source your produce locally, we encourage you to look into the SnoValley Farmers Cooperative Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program or one of many participating Farmstand Local Foods’ farms that offer CSAs.

FLF is not a Certified Organic entity. In fact, most of the farms that we currently work with are not Certified Organic despite their high level of commitment to sustainable growing practices. FLF aims to provide a beneficial wholesale outlet to those farms that otherwise may not have access to large distribution and therefore don’t have the labor force, time and finances to maintain certification.

A great place to begin learning more about each farm’s growing practices is through our interactive map on our homepage, as well as our farmer profiles that can be accessed upon approval of a commercial buyers’ account.

Here are some resources to read about other certifications our farms may have:

Certified Naturally Grown               GAP Certification               Salmon Safe Certification               USDA Organic

We will work with any kitchen who is interested in sourcing locally. A great way to cut costs is through forward contracting — FLF helps oversee relationships between producers and buyers ahead of the growing season in order to solidify demand before product is grown. Farmers are often willing to negotiate prices if they know before the growing season that they will have guaranteed sales upon harvest/production. Knowing what varieties and quantities ahead of time often leads to better prices for your organization.

Throughout the growing season we regularly offer Farm Tours to both the chefs and purchasers we work with directly, as well as their customers. Farm tours offer a great opportunity to ask growers in-person how they maintain a healthy ecological environment on their farm without the use of synthetic inputs.  Click here to find out more about our Farm Tours and to reserve your seat today.

Our team works closely with producers and are knowledgeable about their crops and availability. If you are looking for something specific, whether it be a certain crop, variety, or quantity, we’re happy to pass your requests on to our accommodating and flexible growers, even if none have previously grown/raised/produced the specific item.

Primarily, we offer an online ordering site that allows chefs to log in at their convenience and place orders for same-week delivery from live-updated producer inventory. We also work with buyers to set up forward contracting relationships that allow them to request certain products ahead of time. Farmers generally appreciate growing for buyers that have committed to buy their product at a price previously agreed upon when it becomes available in season.